Donald Trump Changes Into Dolphin


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Now I can say this because I’m not a Christian but adopt the Buddhist way of thinking. So I’m thinking what if Donald Trump were to return to earth as a cetacean in the next life, say a dolphin. So you’re swimming alongside a dolphin, it’s been your dream for many years. Patting him on the head, tickling his chin. When all of a sudden he opens his gob and says “did you know it’s patriotic to wear a face mask when you can’t socially distance, there’s nobody more patriotic than me, your favourite dolphin” followed by squeals and squawks wails and whistles. It is within those life affirming moments that have just passed between the two of you that seem to permeate all creation that you suddenly realise “Fuck me, that’s Donald Trump!” You’re travelling at a rate of knots, holding onto his pectoral fin for dear life. And there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it.

Back To Black

They’re becoming the same
grief and I
terribly immersed in each other
terribly enraged
like a fat, black
river hog
a scream that never stops
and I am useless and dull
seconds away
from my coffin like calm
while the day outside slips by
life continues and I murmur

“I can assure you all I’m fine”