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A man from Antwerp, Belgium, has begun 
chewing UV bulbs in order to see the 
world in ultra violet. 

In an exclusive interview, electrician and
heavy pot smoker, Mr Wally Onions told the 
BBC: ”The truth is I love women. Both Pretty 
women and less attractive women. And women 
are naturally attracted to light, especially 
UV light. Women sell bulbs. Need light. And 
the bulbs that attract women aren't expensive, 
and they're almost as pretty as the women 
who sell them.” 

Tips for UV consumption are already
available through a variety of sources, but
researchers say more extensive study is 
needed. For example, visiting a bulb-
muncher every day over two summers and 
counting the number of women that stick to

We can all give men a helping hand by
selecting the right bulbs, and wattage,
and keeping them in storage at times when
there might be a limited supply.”